I can help with refits, build supervision, project management, specifications, repair supervision, etc. Recent/current projects include:

Mast Build

Project management for the salvage of old mast and parts and the building of a new mast for ‘Champagne Hippie’, previously Polina Star III, the Oyter 825, which sank after losing its keel. The boat was rebuilt in the UK. With Formula Masts, we manufactured a new mast in Shannon, Co. Clare and shipped it to the UK for fitting just in time for the ARC in 2019. The mast was 35m long with a circumference of around 1.4m on the section. Read the story on yachtingworld.com here

8m Yacht Build

Acting as a consultant for Eire Composites on this research and development project, we are building an 8m yacht using a powder epoxy system. The hull plug was made wih strip planking over formers and the deck plug built using Eire Composites 5 axis CNC machine. The powder epoxy system allows for a dry lay up environment. We are building a complete yacht with a Z spars mast and North Sails…

Yard Arms for Square Rigger

Project management for the build of yard arms for the Indian Navy Square rigger Tarangini. With Formula Masts in Shannon, Co. Clare, we built replacement topsail, top gallent and course yards from scratch in alloy. The units were painted, fitted out and then shipped to Goa in India…