Are you the owner of a boat in Ireland, and wish for it to be examined for damage? Do you require a marine insurance survey to be carried out? Here at Deakin Marine, we would love to hear from you should you like to take advantage of any of our services – our details, for your convenience, are listed below. 

Once your sea-faring vessel has reached a certain age, and you are seeking to renew the insurance for it, you will be required to undergo a survey; this will ascertain the condition that your boat is in. For those that have not undergone this before, it can be likened to the pre-purchase survey that takes place – the major difference is in regards to the notice taken to the cosmetic condition. Having been in operation since 2004, you can be rest assured that Deakin Marine is well-equipped to carry out a marine insurance survey. The reports that we create are superior to those of competitors, due to their ability to distinguish between priority recommendations, that are for the benefit of the insurance company, and secondary recommendations, which are of more use to the owner. For anyone that is curious about this service, you can continue reading on our website.

The founder of Deakin Marine, Andrew Deakin, is steeped in history in relation to naval factors; having acquired qualifications in regards to Naval Architecture, Marine Surveying, and Westlawn Yacht and Boat Design. This enables him to be thorough when carrying out, for example, marine insurance surveys. As we are a company that is dedicated to bringing a premium service to a variety of nautical enthusiasts, we do not solely carry out marine insurance surveys. We are also proud to be able to be utilised by those that are in need of either pre-purchase surveys, as well as compiling damage reports. Should you wish to educate yourself further on any of the aforementioned services that we provide, we encourage you to browse through our website.

Coupled with our devotion to bringing our customers the finest in nautical reports, such as marine insurance surveys, Deakin Marine is unrivalled in its ability to implement an excellent level of customer support. We believe that to have a successful relationship between ourselves and our clients, it is of paramount importance to be accessible for all types of enquiries. To this end, for those that are looking to get in touch, you have the option of either calling us on 087 6667015, or sending us an email at