Pre-Purchase Surveys

Pre-Purchase Surveys include a full inspection of the boat out of the water and also, where possible, sea trials in the water. Inspection of the boat can take anywhere from 3 hours to a full day depending on the type of boat and the complexities of the systems on board. The report will normally be emailed directly from the boat on completion and can be sent by post if required.

The comprehensive report includes analysis under the following headings:

1. Instructions 13. Engine and engine space
2. Summary 14. Electrical systems
3. Particulars 15. Galley
4. Construction 16. Toilet compartments
5. Accommodation layout 17. Main saloon
6. Underwater hull and appendages 18. Cabins 1 – ?
7. Topsides 19. Safety gear
8. Deck and superstructure 20. Priority recommendations
9. Cockpit 21. Secondary recommendations
10. Hatches and escapeways 22. Recommended safety equipment list
11. Mast and rigging (sailing boat) 23. Photographs
12. Sails (sailing boat) 24. Notes